Edible Chew Log

Anyone who has degus knows they love to chew on everything. From plastic food dishes to their little wooden houses they chew on it all. It’s important to get them fun things to chew on and I love this new log I picked up for them. It’s great for the whole degu lifestyle: play, sleep, chew and eat.


We recently upgraded our 10-gallon with a cage topper to a bargain 29 gallon we picked up from our favorite mom and pop pet shop used for $20. While there, we grabbed some other new items for the cage: big grape vines and a neat edible chew log. I was hesitant about the chew log but liked the idea. It’s 100% edible and made from alfalfa and honey so it’s a different flavor for the degus than the typical wood.

So far they love it. We got the large size and Rascal and Sugar love pooping in and out any of the three holes, sleeping in it and playing peek-a-boo popping their little heads out the top to make sure mummy is still watching them.

I strongly recommend picking up a large one of these for your degus if you have a habitat that will accommodate it. Order it off Amazon.com if you can since the price is about 60% off the prices I’ve seen in the big brand pet store and the mom and pop stores.