Getting Your Dog Great Exercise is a Winter and Summer Sport

Dog Summer ExerciseNow that summer is here taking your dog out for their daily exercise can be stressful for your beloved dog. If you plan to take your dog out for a walk, run or jog with you during these hot humid days it is best practice to follow these easy tips before heading out. AnimalHub will provide a series of tips, fun exercises, and advice on how to exercise your dog during the summer.

  • It is best to walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening preferably an hour after the sun has set. The temperature would be cooler for you and your pet and the sidewalks won’t be too hot for your pet’s paws.
  • Bring a water bottle for you and your dog. Try to make frequent water stops for you and your pet. Like humans dogs do suffer from heat exhaustion, to avoid this always keep your dog hydrated when exercising them during the summer.
  • Dogs can get sunburned. Dogs with a short coat or little hair on some parts of their bodies tend to get sunburned. It is best to walk your dog in shaded areas.
  • Overweight and older dogs have more difficulty with heat. If you plan to exercise or take your dog out for a walk with these conditions it is best to keep a close eye on them.
  • There are certain breeds of dogs that are very susceptible to heat stroke. Snub-nosed breeds like Shih Tzus, Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Lhasa Apsos have poor panting mechanisms to cool off their bodies and are easily affected by heat. These types of dogs should be kept indoors during hot humid days to avoid heat stroke.
  • During the summer avoid strenuous exercises for your dogs like running and cycling alongside your dog. Pets tend to tire more easily during the hot season.
  • If you leave your pet in the backyard during these hot humid days make sure that they have plenty of clean water to keep them hydrated. A well-ventilated dog house, playpen with a shade or cover is important for your dog to escape the blazing sun.

Summer can be a fun time for you and your dog to exercise but do remember to keep them cool and hydrated at all times to avoid heat stroke. Dogs are more susceptible to heat but with proper care and a basic knowledge of do’s and don’ts you and your pet will surely enjoy your summer together.