Sometimes Your Dog Needs A Longer Walk

Dog WalkThe exercise you choose for your dog should depend on the age, weight, health and breed characteristics. A Beagle or Retriever needs more play and exercise than a Pug or Bulldog. What’s the point if you actually get up and out to talk your dog on a walk, but he doesn’t expend all the energy that he needs to? You still have the same problems you may have had in the first place: an anxious dog, destructive behavior, obesity, etc.

Dogs on average should be exercised aerobically for at least 20 minutes each day, taking into consideration health issues and age limitations. Then looking at the breed and your dog’s personality, start to increase either the amount of time your dog needs to exercise or the number of times she exercises every day.

Yea, yea, easier said than done you say. I’m sure it is. But the bottom line is this, it is for your dog’s health and Heaven knows dogs are not always ‘convenient’. You may balk at this, but consider getting up earlier to fit in the dog’s walk. I know, I know, I hated it at first too. In my case, if I did not get this energetic 50 pound dog out for at least – and I mean minimum – 30 minutes each day, he was bouncing off wall by evening and my chair legs weren’t too happy-looking.

So I started getting up 40 minutes earlier. In the fall and winter, I don’t walk the dog right away, because it’s dark and I just don’t feel like getting hit by a car that doesn’t see us. But I take that time to fix the kid’s lunches and breakfast, so at 6:50, Bronx and I can have our walk. In cold weather, the walk is the last thing I do before shuttling the kids off to school.

You can do it. Any walk is better than none, but short walks just aren’t always enough.