Dogs are great walking companions

Dogs Make Great Walking CompanionsThey are always ready to walk when you are. Walking with your dog can help you and your dog stay in shape and away from deadly diseases. It’s even the perfect exercise for pregnant women.

Do you want to have a stress-free walk with your furry companion? Here are some things you should remember when taking your dog out for a walk:

Focus On Time With Your Pup

Make sure you spend time training and practicing with the leash so it is a comfortable, enjoyable experience. Leave your electronics behind. MP3 players, IPods and cellular phones are a big distraction for you. You tend to easily get distracted when you have these devices with you and focus less on your dog.

Be Prepared

Always carry a pooper scooper with you when you take your dog out and bring water for you and your dog to keep both of you hydrated at all times. These simple practices will make your walks more stress-free and fun for both you and your dog. Walking with your pet will help build a lasting friendship with your canine companion.