About Us: A Bunch Of Animal Lovers

We are excited that you’ve decided to visit its Animal Hub.

Animal Hub exists solely because we love animals. The way we see it, for many people the brightest spot in their life is their pet. There are so many problems in the world and humans all face different sorts of struggles in their lives.

We decided to make Animal Hub as a place where people can come, participate in discussions, learn how to engage more with their pet and simply not be judged.

On most forums and Facebook groups, pet owners can be so hard on each other. That’s not how works here. Animal Hub is moderated and we are here to help each other, not judge each other.

As the Animal Hub team, we are committed to doing our best to always provide relevant, useful content backed up by our years of education and experience. The information at Animal Hub is free and always will be.

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If you ever have a suggestion, comment, question, criticism or just want to say hi, do not think twice about emailing us at [email protected].