american hairless terrier

Naked But Adorable!


Probably one of the most recommended breeds for those that suffer allergies, the American Hairless Terrier serves as an energetic and intelligent companion.

They are extremely affectionate, and require a lot of attention, and have a tendency to be territorial.

Behavior common of the American Hairless Terrier

Other than the small size, the American Hairless Terrier is agile and muscular, suitable for obstacle courses that involve speed and versatility. It is common for this breed to want to dig and bark when disturbed, and chase small game.

This type of behavior is distinct for alarming their owner if anything seems amiss. If the owner has a pool, it would be best to keep an eye out, since they do are not strong swimmers, due to their body type. Because of their high energy, and like any other dog, it is very necessary to take these dogs for a walk.

Appearance of the American Hairless Terrier

At most, they can grow up to 18 inches at the shoulder, and can live up to 18 years. Their actual skin can vary in color, from white, blue, pink, brown, black, and tan. They typically display full-color coats of whatever fur they have,  with small white spots every so often. On the hairless, their tails are typically apparent, and have the option of having docks ears or not.

The American Hairless dog would be ideal hunting–however, due to its lack of fur, it would get cold easily, and would not be able to stay outside for long periods of time. Make sure to use sunscreen if going out for a long period of time.

Another addition to their lack of fur is that they are one of the only breeds that can break out in a sweat when frightened.

Grooming your American Hairless Terrier

Because of its lack of hair, a brush of any kind is not necessary. When washing, it’s better off to take the “rinse and dry” approach, and not to have too many additives in the water, since it would be going directly onto the skin of the dog. If the skin becomes dry, look into using special lotions to ensure moisture protects them from cracking and discomfort. Be sure to watch this dog during the summer. They do not have fur as protection for their skin, and can burn just as humans can.

History of the American Hairless Terrier

The American Hairless Terrier is “fiest”–or, a dog that hunts small rodents. Their history contains a series of mixed breeding of rat terriers, brought from Europe to America sometime in the 18th to early 19th century. The distinction of this breed came in 1972, when a full litter was found hairless from the mother who was named Josephine. The owners noticed that this was a completely brand new distinction, and proceeded to finally get a proper starting point in 1981 for the stock. Because the first distinct litter came out in 1972 from a Rat Terrier mother, it makes the two breeds almost indistinguishable. However, since its original breeding, one can look for trademarks such as smaller size, refined features, new fur and skin patterns, and even new eye colors.