Anatolian Shepherd

Want to Know About the Anatolian Shepherd


Behavior of the Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd is a guardian of the flock with an excellent sense of hearing and sight. The Dog is exceptionally reliable, alarmed and fit for incredible velocity and perseverance. It is savvy, cautious and simple to train. The breed cannot be referred to as a dog for the beginners. It needs a manager who emanates authority. Free, unwavering, cool, and courageous, not forceful, they have a tendency to bark around the evening time. If they are residing with you, you have to take care of their conduct. Since the Anatolian Shepherd is extremely watchful and can get possessive if not kept in its legitimate place beneath the people. This is the reason it is exceptionally imperative that the dog sees people as the leader.

The dogs dependably have an intuition to secure and they can’t be stripped of it. However a puppy that acknowledges the people as its guide will likewise acknowledge strangers that the people formally acquaint with them. It will likewise look up to the people as the ones who make the choices. The Anatolian Shepherd will in any case be possessive with the home and property, not permitting anybody in if the master or his family is not home, unless it has had regular contact with the individual. Companions of the family will be invited. The dogs need to be socialized with people around them and to strangers from a very young age. This will allow them to grow a social attitude that will help in veterinary care and other things of the dog. While working in the farm it needs to be amicable to other workers as well apart from the owner. And this is achieved most of the times with little training. They are easy to train and extremely lovable and caring towards the family.

Appearance of the Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian  is a large sized, tough and effective watch dog. Though it has a      similarity with the Great Pyrenees, yet is more slim and spry. The head is proportionately sized, substantial and solid, and marginally adjusted. The triangular, pendant ears ought to be set no higher than the plane of the head. They are conical in shape and are frequently dark. The eyes are medium sized and vary from brown to light golden in color. The neck is thick and has a slight dewlap. The fur is smooth and long and has a slight sheen to it.

Grooming the Anatolian Shepherd

This breed requires small amount of training. They are usually obedient. The fur needs to be brushed vigorously during the shedding season, twice a year. The dog sheds a lot.

History of the Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian  is local dog of Asia Minor. It secures flocks and serves as a shepherd’s friend. On the high Anatolian Plateau, summers are hot and exceptionally dry and winters are frosty. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog has the capacity to live through the year. For quite some time the progenitors of the Anatolian Shepherd were utilized as battle dogs and also as chasers.