Using A Citronella Collar To Reduce Problem Barking


Bark CollarsProblem barking or “nuisance” barking is a serious issue that many dog owners look to solve with a citronella dog collar. When your dog reacts to certain situations with excessive barking and can’t be quieted easily, your quality of life can suffer. You might be left dealing with angry neighbors or a disgruntled landlord telling you to quiet down your little buddy or be faced with serious consequences. There are even ordinances in many jurisdictions that can lead to dog owners being fined because of the problem behavior, making it much more than a nuisance for those seriously affected.

Some Causes of Barking

Normally your dog lowers your stress level but a problem barking issue would try anyone’s patience. Problem barking in dogs can be caused by a number of factors. Repeated provocation, whether accidental or deliberate, from a human or other dog, can cause excessive barking. If a canine hasn’t had enough exercise, mental stimulation, attention, food or water, they may bark to let a human know what they need. Human emotions and vocal tones can also cause dogs to bark. Undesirable confinement, no matter how necessary, can also lead a dog to make their feelings about the situation known – loudly!

Using Shock/Zap Collars

There are a number of training methods available to stop problem barking, but sometimes, those behaviors only work when the person training the dog is around to take charge of the situation. In those cases, anti bark collars are often the chosen method of training. Most people have heard of shock collars, a form of dog training that involves a collar which emits an electrical shock to the dog’s neck. The intensity of this shock is determined by the nature of the collar. The devices, which are also known as e-collars and zap collars, are available in different intensities for different sizes of breed. In many cases, the output level on the device can be adjusted by the person doing the training. However, this process is controversial at best and cruel at worst. A number of different studies have reported that this training method can cause dogs undue stress, a reaction which is unhealthy to the dog and leads them to associate being trained with negativity and pain. They can be easy for owners to misuse, and can lead to painful irritation and inflammation for dogs when left on too long. A citronella collar is a

A More Humane Solution

A citronella collar is a far more humane way for dog owners to train their pets out of problem barking behaviors. A citronella bark collar is also electronic, but instead of responding with a shock when a dog behaves inappropriately, a citronella dog collar releases a spray of, as its name indicates, a solution made with citronella oil. This oil, which is derived from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant, is a natural way to overwhelm the dog’s senses and distract them from problem behavior without hurting or frightening them. The oil, while unpleasant to the dog, is not toxic in any way.

Because citronella spray collars respond to the sound of a dog’s bark, they are a safe and effective way to train away problem barking even when an owner isn’t home to supervise their pup. There are no lasting physical effects on the dog, making a citronella dog collar a far safer alternative when training your dog out of problematic barking. Pet owners who choose a citronella anti bark collar for their dog can expect to see the same level of efficacy as those who use less humane electric collars, according to a 2004 study performed at Tuskegee university.

Safe And Effective

Like an electric collar, use of a citronella dog collar had reduced problem barking on the second day of use. However, electric collars caused a mild elevation of dangerous blood cortisol in their first day of use. Cortisol is the hormone linked to stress related health disorders in mammals. The results of this study make it quite clear that a citronella bark collar is a more humane but equally effective training method for your pet.

While there are a number of different methods of training a dog to stop problem barking, it is crucial that pet owners make sure they are doing everything they can to eliminate obvious causes of problem barking. Your dog makes you happy, so return the favor by making sure issues like hunger, thirst, discomfort, distress and under stimulation are not the cause of the barking. If all the boxes are checked and your dog’s barking is still causing a problem, a citronella dog collar is an effective way to ensure that your pet is being safely and humanely trained to curb their nuisance barking whether you are at home or away. This can save you from worries about your dog’s safety and happiness during their training as well as concerns about confrontations and fines resulting from nuisance barking.