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Best Dog Car Seat Covers for 2016

You spend enough money on your dog without having to buy more than one pet car seat cover because the first one you got was junk. I was born in Detroit so my love of automobiles stems from my childhood. Thankfully, I grew up with parents who recognize the importance of having a dog and making it a part of the family. You are probably a lot like me – you want to take your dog everywhere with you. You can kill two birds with one stone by having one of the best car seat covers for dogs. You...

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When Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety, Here’s How to Help

Separation Anxiety with dogs is something many owners have to face and can be conquered with a little work. Separation anxiety can make crate training tough. We want to help make it a little bit easier. Looking at separation anxiety as a condition, it is interesting to note that is a well-known condition in human children. Children are said to have separation anxiety if they become clingy, teary or prone to tantrums when their parents or caregivers leave. Does this sound familiar? Most childhood cases of separation anxiety are simply an expected and temporary phase in the normal growth...

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Choose The Right Crate Size For Your Dog | A Simple Guide

Let’s figure out the right size dog crate for you! Nearly half of all homes in the U.S.A. contain at least one person and at least one canine. The use of a dog crate is very common in these homes. These co-habitations tend to start off well enough. After all, if we didn’t love dogs, we wouldn’t want them to live with us in our homes! When asked in a survey, owners that relinquish their pet dogs to animal shelters state that a full 96 percent of their pets have never had any obedience training. Not surprisingly, secondary reasons...

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The Fascinating and Powerful Effects Owning A Pet Has On Your Health

Having A Pet Makes You Healthier AND Is A Lot More Fun Than Going To The Gym. Author’s Note: I have come back to the beginning after finishing writing this. I think pet ownership is one of life’s greatest gifts. A lot of research went into this article and most of it blew my mind. The benefits of owning a pet are significantly stronger than I even knew and increasingly more evident as modern medicine continues to evolve. What is to follow is utterly amazing. Before I wrote this, I thought having a dog was a good idea. Now...

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Whelping | An Overview On How To Prepare

Dogs Giving Birth: Be Prepared Before Whelping Oh boy. The big day has arrived. Ready or not, here they come….and you are sure hoping you are ready! Whelping box, check. Surgical gloves, check. Clean towels, check. Puppies typically look almost identical when first born, so if you don’t already have puppy id collars for your litter, it is a good idea to get some started your way. What else? It seems there is nothing else to do but wait. Oh, and review everything you think you’ve ever learned about how to help your dog with whelping. That is what...

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