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Choosing Dog Toys: Ever Thought About Making Your Own?

These are some of our favorite engaging dog toys! Have you have ever given your pooch a new expensive toy and then encountered its scattered remains only moments later or have wondered why your pooch loves one toy and then ignores another? Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as an indestructible dog toy. An interesting study in the Journal of Animal Cognition looked at why dogs are so picky. They uncovered that dogs look at toys the way wolves look at prey and that dogs get use to the smells, textures, and sounds of toys. Which is why over...

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How Long are Dogs Pregnant For?

Preparing For Whelping: What You Need To Know About Dog Pregnancy and Labor If you have bred your dog, you’re getting ready for some puppies! You probably have all sorts of questions coming to mind – how will I know my dog is pregnant? How long are dogs pregnant? What about labor? What are the signs of labor in dogs? How will I know when to call the my vet? How many puppies will she have? And that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. You will need to know what supplies you need to have on hand, like...

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End Escapes With These Escape Proof Heavy Duty Crates

If You Think You Need A Heavy Duty Dog Crate, You Probably Do.   If you have a dog that loves to escape when you are not around, you’re on the right track to fixing the problem. It’s not fun for anyone to come home to overturned plants, ripped up couches or, even worse, empty prescription pill bottles. Finding the Best Heavy Duty Crate for your Dog! Are you frustrated with coming home and finding your favorite shoe destroyed from your dog managing to escape their kennel once again? While keeping your dog contained in a crate while you...

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The Best Dog Bark Collar For Your Pet

Bark Control Collars For Dogs   Does your dog have a barking problem that will just not stop? Is it annoying you or your family and perhaps the neighbors? Barking can be a serious behavior issue with your new dog that you brought home and will require some training to get rid of it. If you have not already, go ahead and read our training guide to get rid of barking and if your dog is having more issues, you can try some of these collars below. Good luck training! It takes a true understanding of how bark collars...

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Pro Empire Dog Crate Review

Pro Empire Dog Crate   Do you have a dog that loves to escape when you are not watching them? If you do, then there is a good chance that you need an escape proof dog crate to make sure they are safe and that the rest of your house is safe from their puppy search search and destroy mission. My favorite and many other dog loves have been recommending the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate. This is going to be a review of this crate that is built to be incredible strong and keep your pet safe for years...

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