Different Types of Cage Bedding

Degu BeddingThere are all kinds of bedding out there for your small animals,and degus have some special needs when it comes to beddings. When choosing a bedding don’t get anything too dusty, the dust can cause upper respiratory problems in your degus and we don’t like sick little degus!

Hardwood Aspen bedding is GREAT for your degu!

Hardwood chip bedding, such as aspen is the best – I recently tried aspen for the first time and it’s a great alternative to pine, it is in bigger chips, which is great cause they love chewing on their bedding!

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Pine or Wood Pulp Bedding is Good

CareFresh Pet Bedding or Pine bedding will also work as long as it is not too dusty, often time it’s hard to tell in store how dusty a bedding is so your best bet is to get a small package and try it out, then once you find one you like buy the biggest bag you can – that way you won’t worry about running out when you need to change a dingy cage!

Never Use Cedar in your Degus Cage

Never use cedar shavings in your degu’s cage because cedar contains phenols, which can cause severe irritation to a Degu and will cause it to become sick.

Bedding Tips

Watch out to make sure the bedding you choose has no pine or cedar oils.  Your animals spend a lot of time in direct contact with the bedding and the wood’s natural oils are NOT GOOD for your animal’s skill or intestinal tract.  All-natural bedding and bedding free of chemicals is best.

Changing your Degu’s Bedding

When I change my degu’s bedding I take out all the bad stuff and clean out the tank with a mild organic cleaner.  I make sure it’s dry and let it air out for 15 minutes before adding the shavings.  then I mix 2-3″ of shavings to cover the bottom with a handful of timothy hay.  My Rascal and Sugar like to pick through their bedding and finding pieces of hay feeds into their natural scavenging habits.

I also hide some sunflower seeds and other seed treats in the bedding since I just tossed out most of the stash they hide on a weekly basis.  This keeps them from getting mad at me!

Don’t forget to fluff the bedding!

Mid-week take out your degus and fluff the bedding. I have a designated degu fork (silverware fork) that I fluff their bedding with.  This helps all the waste and dirty bedding sink to the bottom and fluffing some clean bedding to the top for premium degu comfort.