Facts About the Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dog

Behaviors of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain dogs are very happy and loving by nature. They have a special liking for kids. They are exceptionally clever, simple to train and are regular watchdogs. A Bernese mountain dog will be your companion forever. They are fearless, alert, confident and easy going in nature, yet make sure that they start socializing as puppies. These puppies develop slowly, and remain in the puppy stage longer as compared to other breeds. They are noticeably agreeable with strangers, and are for the most part exceptional with different pets. The Bernese ought to be with individuals and not to be limited to the kennel. These canines are sensitive in nature and ought to be trained solidly, with love. The masters need to train them properly too avoid any issues in the future.

It is often seen that the adorable breed is so loved and pampered that it may grow into a trouble, but mostly not if the dog is mentally trained to behave. For the dog to feel secure it needs to be close to its family (the human family it lives with) and experience affectionate moments, daily walks and a game time. It will make the sensitive canine feel loved and needed and will replicate the same love towards the family unconditionally. They love being in the open where they can run and play around. They are not meant for a restricted life in the apartment.

Appearance of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese mountain dog is a large, strong, sturdy, dog. The body is slightly longer than it is tall. The broad head is flat on the top. The muzzle is straight and strong. The teeth fall into a scissor hold. The triangular, medium sized, ears are set high and rounded at the tip. The straight legs are strong. The bushy tail is carried low. Dewclaws are often removed. The feet are round and the toes are arched. The coat is quite long which also makes it resistant to extreme weather, thick and slightly wavy or straight.

The dog is tricolored with symmetrical markings of black, white and rust. The base color of the dog is mainly black. The canine holds a white mark over the chest along with one on the head, toes and tip of the tail. Rust is present on the cheeks reaching to the corners of the mouth, over each eye, on each side of the chest, on all four legs and underneath the tail. The fur often tends to grow long and gives a shaggy appearance to the dog that makes it look all the more adorable.

Grooming The Bernese Mountain Dog

Every day to week by week brushing of the long thick fur is paramount, with additional grooming required when the cover is shedding.

History of the Breed

The Bernese Mountain breed came from the Swiss mountains. The breed was named after the Canton of Bern which is in Switzerland. They were working canines especially exceptional at draft work, pulling trucks to market, etc.