Bark Control Collars For Dogs


Does your dog have a barking problem that will just not stop? Is it annoying you or your family and perhaps the neighbors? Barking can be a serious behavior issue with your new dog that you brought home and will require some training to get rid of it. If you have not already, go ahead and read our training guide to get rid of barking and if your dog is having more issues, you can try some of these collars below. Good luck training!

It takes a true understanding of how bark collars work to know which one is going to be the best for your dog or puppy. There are many anti bark collars out there by many brands but some of the most well known are from Petsafe, TriTronics, Innotech, Dogtra, and Dogtek. Each of these use sound sensors and vibrations to deter your dog from barking after the collar has recognized what your dog is up to. The collar will notice that the throat of the dog is vibrating and that a bark is about to come out. Then when the sound sensor hears the dog, it will give them a signal that they do not like. These are safe for your dog and will not harm them. After a few weeks with one of these on, your dog will realize the negative effect when they bark and their behavior should improve.

This being said, you should do all you can to avoid buying any cheap bark collars as they will typically only have a single sensor to figure out if the dog is barking by a vibration or just a sound. This can mean that if the sensor falsely detects a noise, your dog will get the unpleasant sound and that is bad for training!

Below I will be going over some of the most effect bark collars that are on the market. These include the electronic bark collars or shock collars, ultrasonic collars, and citronella dog bark collars.

Ultrasonic Anti Barking Collar

The way the ultrasonic works is that when your dog is barking, the collar will transmit a sound of high frequency that is very unpleasant for your pet. Since your dog will not like this sound they will quickly stop their behavior. The great part about these is that humans will not be able to hear them because they are so high pitched. These are effective but citronella anti barking ones are typically more so.

Citronella Bark Collars

These are sometimes called the lemon anti barking collars because what they do is use a spray instead of a high pitched sound to get them to stop. You will need to fill up the spray ever so often when you can. Each time your dog barks, the sensor in the collar will pick up on what they are doing and give them a quick spray to the underside of their chin. Since they do not want to get sprayed, they will learn this behavior is bad and stop immediately.

Dog Shock Collars

These are usually considered the most effect anti bark device because they can stop the barking of any sized dog, both small and large. Lots of times people have concerns over the shock that is given to their dog because they think this can harm them. Most devices will have different levels of shock but they are all harmless.

That being said, if you do not think that this is humane, go with one of the previous anti bark collars and you will have an effective and humane solution.

Now you understand which devices work best and which options are available for you if you are looking for the best bark collar for your pet. Make sure when looking around you think about how old your dog is as well as their size and age. The packaging should give you instructions on how to use the device as well as any restrictions for use on animals. I will go ahead and say that you should NOT use this on any puppies, only adult animals.

When you get a collar, put it on yourself and see how it works and how harmless they really are. Dog collars and bark collars are almost the same, one just puts a stop to an annoying behavior.


To conclude, you want to buy a bark collar that has two sensors to make sure there are no false positives. This means that you should avoid cheap anti barking collars that only come with a single sensor. Finally, when you get your device, read all the information that comes with it to make sure you are using it correctly on your pet. If you have not already, try training your dog without one first and see how that goes.