You spend enough money on your dog without having to buy more than one pet car seat cover because the first one you got was junk.

I was born in Detroit so my love of automobiles stems from my childhood. Thankfully, I grew up with parents who recognize the importance of having a dog and making it a part of the family.

You are probably a lot like me – you want to take your dog everywhere with you. You can kill two birds with one stone by having one of the best car seat covers for dogs. You won’t have to feel guilty after a long week of work when on Saturdays you are out running errands. No more locking your dog in the kennel and getting those sad eyes from them.

When we began talking about making our own seat covers, we decided that we would always offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

We grew tired of replacing cheaply made seat covers,
so we made our own!

We quilted every inch of it, used a non-slip backing,
and offer an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Why would I sell something to people that I wouldn’t want myself? The answer is that I wouldn’t. I know what it’s like to have to replace cheap dog products and am willing to back up this product with a guarantee.

If you want to keep your car seats nice and my seat cover doesn’t meet your expectations, you can contact me directly and I will make it right. We our dog lovers and have no interest in seeing people waste their money.

We use a non-slip backing so that your dog
doesn’t slide around every time you make a turn.

The best part? It’s machine washable.

Dog Hammocks are
all the rage these days.

Hammocks for dogs are an awesome idea. I first saw a hammock being used as a seat cover and my friend Monica’s Jeep Liberty. She was using a seat hammock for large dogs with her black Lab named Trigger and her German Shepherd Dog named Bullet.

One of the major benefits of our Far North Seat Cover is that they generally fit all standard vehicles. Whether or not you have an SUV or a small car like a Nissan Versa, a dog seat hammock should fit quite well in your vehicle. The best seat covers work well with small dog breeds and large dog breeds alike.

When shopping, you want to be sure that you find one that is waterproof. There’s really no point to covering the seat if when your dog is wet muddy water is just going to seep through. That’s why we are using this product in the first place… To keep the seats clean.

Our seat cover is designed for durability.
We have big dogs and wanted
to make a cover that would last.

Our German Shepherd Cobalt weighs 115lbs, so
we needed to use quality, durable stitching.

The hammock style seat cover for dogs actually makes driving with your dog in the car safer.

This is why we choose
to use dog hammocks over just seat covers.
It is far safer to be able to stop your dog
from climbing on the console.

Safety is always first. If you want to be able to pet your dog at stop lights and let him be able to sniff your head, a hammock is just the perfect choice. Your dog being able to climb on you while you’re driving is simply dangerous.

It is important to remember that just because your dog has always been perfectly behaved while you’re driving does not mean something could not cause them to panic and climb onto your lap. If you’re like me and have a large dog, that’s not going to really work. I don’t foresee me driving down the highway with a 90 pound German Shepherd Dog on my lap ending well.

That’s why we like dog hammocks as car seat covers. I like being able to scratch my dog’s head while I am stopped at a red light. Combining this with making it very difficult for him to climb onto my lap is why I really like these.

It’s also really nice that unlike going with a crate in the back of my SUV, these hammocks fold down into virtually nothing. While a crate simply takes up room whether I have a dog with me or not, by going this route if I want to have friends ride in the backseat or need to pick up groceries, it is super simple to just unclip the hammock and go.