Black Russian Terrier

Facts About the Black Russian Terrier


Behavior of the Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are bold and extremely cautious. They are very much curious and will get into everything. When they grow up fully they are very enthusiastic towards child and they play with the children. They have a defensive sense that will develop from the age of one and half to two years. There are so many ways to train your dog to put them in a right direction. You have to be very firm when you are giving training to your puppies. You should also love your dog while giving training. They are very suspicious of strangers. Black Russian Terriers are very much strong as well as have a balanced temperament. Basically they avoid fighting with other dogs. They are very happy to please their masters. They bark rarely. You can easily share everything with your puppy. But after one year it will be very powerful. Black Russian Terriers are not difficult to have in the house with a little caution. If the situation demands barking, then they will bark. Black Russian Terriers are slow developers and move along at a comfortable pace to completely develop. You don’t have to give full attention to your puppy.

Appearance of the Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are bigger than average size. They are very much powerful and attentive. This uncommon Russian breed is very much energetic and also very bold. They are also very large in size but stable in mind. The nose is expansive, completely pigmented and also black in color. The dull eyes are medium-estimated and separated. The mouth ought to be substantial and assuming that it is not, it is a significant default in the show ring. The teeth may as well meet in a scissors chomp. The head is prominently fabricated with an expansive skull and a long head. The bread and mustache are present in the square shaped muzzle. The ears are triangular fit as a fiddle with an adjusted summit and pendulous. The length of the form ought to be in immediate extent to the tallness of the wilts, providing for them a square look. The shrinks climb over the backline and the croup is gently plunging to a high set tail. The height of the male dog is about 64 cm to 74 cm and the female dog’s height varies from 64 cm to 72 cm. The weight of the dog is around 36 to 65 kg. But the male dog is more massive in structure. This kind of dog sometimes suffers from disease of elbow and hip dysplasia.

Grooming the Black Russian Terrier

The weatherproof cover comprises of hard, tight, wiry, close-lying, wavy hair which is long. The upper-neck divides and shrinks into a mane. The undercoat is tight and generally advanced. General trimming for 2-3 times each year is required.

History of the Black Russian Terrier

In the Forties, the armed force regulated called “Red Star” started to breed a dog for its own particular requirements. They utilized a system advanced by Soviet reproducer experts and made another breed particularly suited for their extraordinary obligations. The objective was to make a monstrous, powerful, brave canine, suitable in all respect which will continually be eager to work and ready to survive in every climate.