Want to Know About the Borzoi?


Behavior commonly seen in Borzois

The Borzoi is very intelligent and sweet dog. You will love your dog. It is basically very much loyal to its masters. Once it knows the people well then they are very affectionate to them. They don’t think much and are not willing to please the people whom they don’t know. They are very obedient at the time of training. As they are intelligent, they are also very good learners. You should give training to them consistently in a gentle manner but at the same time you have to be firm. Sometimes they behave like a cat as they want to keep themselves clean. They are very calm and quite. They bark rarely. They behave very well with other dogs. They also play with other dogs. But sometimes they have to be supervised if they are left with the small non canine animals like hamsters, pigs, rabbits. This kind of breed is very social. At a growing stage, they require healthy food. They do well in the apartment if daily exercised. They are generally very much inactive indoors. But if they get to move around an average sized garden, they do well. They are generally habituated with small meals at least two to three times a day. Avoid exercises after the meal. To maintain the fitness this breed needs regular exercise. They generally enjoy the jogging and the exercise session.

Appearance of the Borzoi

The Borzoi is similar to the Greyhound in shape. Coat is very important for a dog. This breed has a long silky and wavy coat. The hair present in the tail neck and the hindquarters is very long from the rest of the body. This kind of breed comes in many colors .Some common colors are black, tan, and grey with black markings. The head of the dog is narrow shaped without any stop. This kind of shape is also known as Dolichocephalic. The muzzle of the dog is quite arched. The nose is black in color. The height of the male dog is 71 cm but the female dog’s height is 66cm. The weight of the male dog is 34 to 48 kg and the female dog is only 27 to 41 kg in weight. The teeth are very sharp. The teeth of the dog meet in a level of scissors. The eyes are slant. The ears are very small. The ears are laid back to the head. The chest is narrow and deep with the arched upward back. The tail is low and the front leg is straight. The average life span of the dog is ten to twelve years.

Grooming the Borzoi

The silky coat is very easy to groom. You can brush frequently with a firm brush and can shampoo when necessary. Bathing is required very often. You can clip the hair of the leg to keep comfortable.

History of the Borzoi

The Borzoi is a breed from Russian nobility. They generally are developed by two different kinds of breeding. One is the Arabian Greyhound and the other one is the long haired Russian Sheepdog. This breed was earlier called in America as Russian Wolfhound.