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Behavior common of the Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are mild-mannered and friendly. For this reason, they make great family pets. This breed is very loyal and protective toward its family, making them great watchdogs. Boston Terriers love attention from people and enjoy cuddling and playtime. The Boston Terrier prefers to be in the company of people and will get along with and protect other pets and children.

While this breed may be difficult to housebreak, the breed is otherwise easy to train and should behave well with proper instruction. Some may be more strong-willed, but this is true of any breed. This breed is the perfect choice for families looking for a quiet but protective pet, as Boston Terriers will bark very rarely and often to only alert his family to strangers. Overall, the Boston Terrier is a terrific family pet.

Appearance of the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a small breed of dog. They have quite a bit of muscle despite their size and have a short, square body. The breed has a characteristic square jaw line and erect ears that can be cropped or left as-is. This breed weighs in at a light 10-25 pounds. They have short coats ranging a variety of colors, including the well-known white-and-black, a rich brindle, and blue/gray.

Grooming your Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier only sheds moderately due to its short coat. The coat is smooth and doesn’t require any heavy-duty grooming. A simple brushing session on a regular basis will take care of most of this dog’s grooming needs. The dog will also need other basic grooming tasks completed, including dental care and regular nail trimmings. Dental problems can develop if teeth are not cared for, and long nails can cause pain to the dog while walking. Regular vet check-ups and visits as needed are also a must. Good care will help keep your pet strong and healthy for years to come. This dog should also be supervised when outdoors in colder climates, as its short coat will not keep it as warm as other breeds. While the Boston Terrier should get plenty of walks, attention, and exercise, it is not an outdoorsy dog that enjoys spending long periods of time outside.

History of the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier was developed as a breed following the Civil War, where they acted as fighting dogs. Originally a cross between the English Terrier and English Bulldog, the Boston Terrier is today a mild-mannered, fun family-oriented dog. The name comes from its place of origin, Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Terrier remains a popular breed to this day.