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Behavior common of the Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier is an energetic, playful dog. This breed is very devoted to owners and craves a lot of attention. This perky dog loves to run and explore, as they can be quite curious dogs. This curiosity plays to their advantage if they serve as watchdogs, and the breed tends to be quite alert and ready to warn its family of approaching strangers. In fact, the breed will often react to any small sound or movement. They are quite fearless, but still loving towards people and children. Due to their high-energy personalities, they do not make good apartment dogs and generally require an average-sized yard to exert their energy in. Lack of exercise can cause them to grow bored and destructive.

In order to successfully train and interact with this breed, owners need to assert a little dominance and prove themselves to be ‘pack leaders’. Because of their determined personalities, it may take an experienced trainer and some persistence to train Brazilian Terriers. Like other small dogs, rules and limits will prevent this breed from taking over your home. This breed isn’t recommended around other small animals due to the breed’s strong hunting instincts. When properly socialized, though, the Brazilian Terrier does just fine around other dogs.

Appearance of the Brazilian Terrier

A beautiful tri-colored coat is a characteristic of the Brazilian Terrier. Their short, smooth coats are white and tan with black, brown, or blue hues. This small dog weighs only 15-20 pounds and generally grows to a height of 14-16 inches. A triangular skull and narrow, compact chest make up the well-balanced physique of this breed. The Brazilian Terrier’s ears are folded. Tails are often docked, but may be kept their natural length as well.

Grooming your Brazilian Terrier

This breed is low-maintenance in terms of grooming due to their short coats. An occasional brushing will be enough unless shedding is a concern, in which case more frequent brushing will prevent hair from falling out. Like any other dog, proper dental and health care is required to keep the Brazilian Terrier healthy. Regular nail clippings can prevent painful injuries that may result from long nails becoming caught and broken during movement.

History of the Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier is one of two breeds native to Brazil, hence its name. It is believed that Jack Russell Terriers are the nearest ancestor to this breed. Miniature Pinschers and Chihuahuas may have also played a part in the Brazilian Terrier’s development. The breed is most popular in Brazil, where they have long served as hunters of vermin in rural areas. The breed is not currently very popular in other parts of the world and remains relatively unknown outside of Brazil.