How Can Dogs Be Autistic?can dogs be autistic


Animal autism is an interesting topic and is still continually being researched by colleges and other scientific institutions. Specifically, you may be wondering “can dogs be autistic?” This may be because dogs are common pets or your pet is acting funny or slightly off. Well, the short answer is that canine autism actually exists.

This question is not conclusive, and the research completed is questionable. However, there have been various conclusions that are plausible. One thought is that canine autism is caused from lack of neuron development in the brain. Another conclusion is that it is genetic and inherited from the parents that may have been exposed to certain agents that have an influence in causing autism. However, both arrive at the same point that spontaneous canine autism is not possible; they must be born with the condition.

Signs of Autism

Detecting this condition in dogs can be very difficult, which is one of the reasons this is not easy to research and provide conclusive information. It is impossible to verbally communicate to ask questions about certain behaviors of your pet; therefore, their behavior must be examined for certain signs. Fortunately, even if the dog does have autism, it does not have a significant impact on the daily life of the animal. The following are possible signs.

  • Lack of emotion. For example, sporadic tail wagging or no jumping or happy movements.
  • Lethargy and laziness.
  • Repetitious actions.

These are very difficult to assess. Does the dog have autism or is he just generally lazy? What are “repetitious actions?” Both are great questions that scientist are still wondering about today.

Helping These Canines

The best suggestion is deciding on a pet that fits your personality. There is no cure for autism in dogs or humans. Therefore, the most helpful approach is just catering to your pets. The easiest method to do that is by finding a suitable pet. If you are laid back and not interested in much activity, a similar pet would be best. However, it is also great to try finding fun activities that the canine enjoys, like throwing balls, tug of war, or just simple tummy rubs.

Can dogs have autism? In conclusion, we have covered that this is actually possible even though the research behind it is not entirely conclusive or extensive. There are multiple possibilities that are considered, such as underdeveloped neurons or inheritance. The one point that is almost entirely agreed upon is the fact that spontaneous autism is not possible; animals must be born with the condition to possess it. Diagnosing canine autism is exceedingly difficult, which is one of the reasons not much information is reported on it. Although, if you believe that your pet has this condition, it is possible to assist them throughout their life. It would not be very beneficial to rush them to the veterinarian because no cure exists, but you can play with them and help them with daily activities that they may struggle with.