Can Dogs Burp?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely dogs can burp.  Burping can be a behavior decision, a diet imbalance, or even a chronic health problem, depending on the dog.  If they are belching a whole lot on a recurring basis and you are concerned about it, you should take your dog to the vet to find out what the causes of the burping are.

Dog BurpsOne of the most common reasons a dog will burp is simply because they have swallowed air and they cannot digest air in their stomach.  Just like humans, if they eat too much too quickly, they will have developed many air gaps in their stomach by the time they finish eating, which will disrupt digestion.  Their bodies will get rid of this air the only way they know how, to belch it up.  If the air gets trapped and cannot escape, it may create a situation called bloating, which can be deadly to dogs.  If your dog is having problems eating too fast, it may be helpful to feed them smaller serving sizes, and limiting exercise before meals.  You can even purchase a specially designed bowl to help them eat slowly.  Another cause of recurring belching can be a gastrointestinal problem, like irritable bowel syndrome, or another bowel disease.  Parasites can also cause a digestive condition where they cannot digest their food properly, which will cause an excessive amount of gas and burping.  If your dog is burping all the time and looks like they are in pain, it would be best to get them checked up by the vet.  But if they are doing it occasionally, it’s just dogs being dogs!