Can Dogs Cry?


We all know dogs most certainly feel emotion.  They really do have an intuitive sense of how to comfort humans, and how to be loving.  This is really why dogs are a man’s best friend, and why therapy dogs are so very helpful.  Although dogs can most certainly sense our emotions and feel them, they cannot cry in the same way humans do.  Dogs eyes can tear up, and if you step on your dog’s paw you may notice their eyes water, but this is not an emotional response like in humans, as dogs do not exhibit emotions in this way.  If your dog looks like they are crying, it is probably a medical issue.

Can Dogs Cry?Your dog’s eye tearing up could have a number of causes, but all are physical. Allergies will cause a dog’s eyes to water, just like humans’. Blocked tear ducts don’t allow the tears that are naturally produced with each blink of your dog’s eyes to drain properly, so they’ll to spill over the lid and run down her face instead. An infection, a speck of dirt in her eye and a scratched cornea are possible causes for your dog to tear up.  If your dog has watered eyes, always check first for dirt or foreign objects that may be in our eye, and rinse with saline.  Every once and awhile is nothing to worry about; as just like with our eyes, things get in them.  Tears are a natural defense to objects that have intruded on the eye, acting as flush agents to get it out as soon as possible.  By rinsing with saline, you will be introducing the same agent that they produce to clean their own eyes out, making it an easier and less painful process of getting the object out, but if they persist you should definitely have your dog checked out by a vet.  So yes, dogs can cry, but they do not do it for an emotional reason like we do, just a physical reason (like we also do).