Coffee safe for dogsCan My Dog Drink Coffee with Me?


Coffee is a heavily caffeinated beverage that people like to drink during breakfast and coffee breaks. There are a lot of benefits for people when it comes to drinking coffee. The caffeine that is in coffee is enough to prepare a person for the day and also contains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients that are good for the human body. Other benefits of coffee for humans include increase physical performance, focus and decreases muscle pain.

While it is good for people to drink coffee, it is sometimes not the case for dogs. Dogs have very different metabolisms from humans and react differently to different kinds of food. If you are drinking your morning coffee and your pet is sitting in front of you begging for a little sip, you might be asking yourself “can dogs drink coffee”?

Coffee is very dangerous for dogs and you should think twice before you decide to give your dog a sip of your morning coffee. Large amounts of caffeine can be very fatal to a dog and can cause a lot of problems. Your dog can obtain caffeine poisoning from drinking coffee and some of the symptoms of this disease include:


Water is still the best drink that you can give your dog if he or she is thirsty. Water is perhaps the only liquid that humans and dogs can enjoy drinking together. Make sure though that the water that you are giving your dog is clean and free from any bacteria. Well water is generally unsafe for dogs to drink and it would be good if you provide your pet with mineral water or tap water or water that you get from the faucet.