Can Dogs Drink Lemonade?can dogs drink lemonade


If you love to give your pet dog a luxurious lifestyle, the common tendency is that you feed your dogs something that you would normally consume. Even though it may sound sweet and very caring on the part of you being the pet owner, that should never be tolerated. Usually when we are thirsty, we get something to drink which is more refreshing and tastier than just plain water. And we think, surely, there is no harm done when we drink lemonade. For one thing, it is rich in Vitamin C and since it is considered healthy for us, our dogs should be able to safely drink it too, right?

However, this is the part where we have thought it all wrong. See, not all healthy food and beverages which are considered healthy for human consumption are also healthy for dogs. For instance, lemonade, our citrus beverage, should never be given to our dogs. So, can dogs drink lemonade? The answer should be no. In fact, it is never recommended to feed our dogs lemonade.

Reasons Why Dogs Should Not Drink Lemonade

Citric acid may be good for our health but it would definitely upset the stomachs of our dogs. Naturally, their digestive system is not built the same way as ours and that their tolerance on citric acid is way lower as compared to human tolerance on citric acid.

  • Sugar Content

If you are a dog lover, you should already know by now that anything that is filled with sugar is bad for your dog. Just because lemonade has that citric tang to it doesn’t mean it does not have a high sugar content. But it does. So, it must never be fed to dogs.

The safest way to rehydrate your dogs is to simply feed them with water. Although it is basic and simple, but that is the most recommended drink your dog should have.