can dogs drink milkCan Dogs Drink Milk?


Dogs are man’s best friend. We never feel left out or alone whenever we have one inside our house. Dogs are very sweet and loving to their owners. Every time an owner goes out of his house, the dog will just wait patiently until the owner comes back home. He will then welcome them with a lick on his face and an enthusiasm to play, very heartwarming it is. In order to reciprocate the love and care that our pet dogs give we should be able to give them their most basic need, food.

Different Types of Dog Food

There are different types of dog food. The first is the canned dog food. Canned dog food is a mixture of water and meat. Facts show that 75% percent of it is water while 25% is low class meat. Though this may seem a bad idea to give to your dog it is actually good if you just want to add a little flavor to dry dog food. Second is the semi-moist dog food. This dog food tastes a lot better than dry dog food and easier to prepare than canned dog food. However, this would be more expensive than the others since it contains less water and more meat coupled with preservatives. Dry dog food is what’s mostly used by pet owners. This food is dull and can be very boring for your pet.

Milk for Your Dog

If you want to know can dogs drink milk? As you can see, milk isn’t a part of any of the aforementioned type of food. However this does not mean that it is bad for your pet. Dogs can drink milk in fact many dogs are able to easily digest dairy product however it is not the same in every case. Hence, every dog is different; one dog may be able to drink milk but other might have a hard time digesting it.