acornsWell, Can Dogs Eat Acorns?


Are there any oak trees outside your home or near the places that you take your dog to during the day? If there is, your dog may think they want to eat the acorns, or the nut of these trees. Can dogs eat acorns might be a question that has crossed your mind!

No, dogs eating acorns is not a good idea because they are poisonous to all dogs. Gallotannin is found in acorns and is the toxin that can make dogs very sick. Eating these can cause gallotannin poisoning which is linked to kidney failure in dogs.

Oak Trees Are Dangerous

They are dangerous to your dog that is. We now know that acorns are not good for your dog but even bark, leaves and water that has been around oak trees is not good for your dog to get into or eat.

Be careful when you have your dog out around acorns and keep them away from those oak trees. If a puppy is in your house, you may need to take extra caution because we all know they love to chew! Just keep a watchful eye out!

If you think your dog has gallotanin poisoning, look for vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps. If this is happening, take your pet to the vet right away!