Can Dogs Eat Almonds?Are Almonds a Good Treat for Dogs?

While a dog’s digestive system is very similar to our own, there are some foods we can eat that they cannot (and vice-versa).  Although most nuts are actually very toxic to dogs, almonds are among the safest for them to ingest. They really are not good for dogs, though. Man’s best friend can digest many impressive things, but they have a very difficult time dealing with many types of nuts. In dogs, nuts are known to cause pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas.  Their digestive system cannot deal with the high concentrations of fat very well, and it causes a negative reaction from their gastrointestinal tract. Certain nuts are very dangerous for dogs to eat, some are even toxically lethal.  The most toxic of these are macadamia nuts and walnuts which will absolutely kill your dog.  Other nuts such as pistachios and almonds will just give your dog a terrible stomach ache, and a very bad day.

So What Happens If Your Dog Eats Almonds?

Despite the fact that they aren’t very good for your pup, if your dog eats almonds, there is no cause to freak out.  Almonds are not lethally toxic to your dog, in any dose.  However, because a dog’s stomach cannot digest almonds well, eating them will lead to incredibly gassy and painful digestion for your dog.  Basically, they are not going to be very happy after rummaging through your bag of trail mix, because it will mean a very upset stomach for them.

The Takeaway on Dogs Eating Almonds

So can dogs eat almonds?  Well, they can, but it is not a very good idea for them.  It is best to keep your dog away from almonds.  It is not a good supplement to their diet, and can even be very dangerous for your dog to eat.  Although almonds are not as dangerous as some other nuts, they are still not good for your dog, and will provide no positive benefits if ingested.  It is especially important to keep your dog away from black almonds, as high concentrations of these can actually be lethal to your dog.  So do your dog a favor, keep them away from the trail mix.  They may be very happy to eat it, as we all know our dogs just love to eat everything that is put in front of them, but they will not be very happy after eating it.  So instead of almonds, give your dog some peanut butter!  Peanuts are actually legumes, not nuts, and peanut butter is a much better dog treat they will be sure to enjoy.