asparagusCan I feed my dog Asparagus?


Have you ever wondered if dogs can eat asparagus? I was thinking this the other day when I harvested some from my garden and thought about giving some to my pet.

Dogs can eat asparagus and it is safe for them both raw as well as cooked. It has very low cholesterol and fat which is perfect for dogs. Also, it has great vitamin such as B6, magnesium, zinc and calcium along with some fiber, vitamins C, A, E, K, and packed with tons of nutrients. It is no wonder that it is so good for humans but it is also perfect for the diet of dogs as well!
There are a few problems with feeding your dog fresh asparagus even though they can eat it. The dog may forget to chew and swallow and attempt to eat the entire piece in a single bite. This has ended up with the dogs getting their throat clogged; cutting them off from air. I would recommend that if you decide to feed your pet these vegetables, break them up a little.

Dogs actually prefer when the asparagus is cooked and not raw. Cook your dog some home cooked meals and feed the asparagus to your friend in this way.

Like most other foods you read about on this site, make sure that the dog does not eat too much asparagus at one time because it will cause diarrhea.

To conclude, yes, dogs can eat asparagus. If you ensure the pieces are small enough and cooked, your dog will love it!