Can Dogs Eat Banana Splits or Not?Can Dogs Eat Banana Splits


For those who really value pets, dogs are practically considered to be a significant member of the family. They help guard the house and they are considered to be man’s best friend. Even though they don’t speak our language (or the other way around), there is a mutual understanding between humans and dogs that is way too complicated to be understood. But it is there. Thus, it is only but necessary that we also treat them like a member of the family. This would be much indicated in our care and concern for our dogs.

One of the ways that we can take care of canine companion is to be ever so mindful in what kind of food that they eat. We should be able to provide them with food that they love to eat and those food that are also safe and healthy. It must be able to satisfy both elements: flavor and health. Thus, it is useless to feed your dog with scrumptious food that is, in the end, not healthy for them.

Banana Splits for Your Dog

Who wouldn’t want that right? Banana splits are indeed very delicious and quite an appetizing food for all of us. However, can dogs eat banana splits? Surely, those harmless desserts made of ice cream and bananas won’t really cause harm for our dogs. In fact, it is also even a proven fact that dogs can eat bananas.

But despite all these, it is never recommended to allow your dogs to eat them. The reason for this is that dogs are not so much fond in digesting dairy products – at least that is what their digestive system tells them to. Furthermore, one should also know that since nuts are not good for dogs and banana splits have nuts, it is a common understanding to avoid feeding your dogs with banana splits.