can dogs eat bananas

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?


If you are a dog owner, I’m sure you know how much joy having a canine friend brings in your life, but having a dog is also a great responsibility. Among many other things dog owners need to be aware of what is safe for their 4-legged companions to eat. One of the most common questions among dog owners is whether it’s safe for dogs to eat bananas, and this very question is what I’ll be answering in this short article.

To cut to the point, dogs can eat bananas. This nutritious fruit can actually be quite beneficial for a dog,  as bananas are a great source of energy and banana slices are often used as dog treats. They can provide your dog with the much needed energy for training sessions.

You do need to know though, that it wouldn’t be a good idea to let your dog eat a lot of bananas at once. Eating a good amount of bananas or any other fruit for that matter, could result in your dog getting diarrhea, and as I’m sure that giving your dog that is not in your intention, you shouldn’t feed your dog a lot of bananas at once. Remember that they are dogs and need meat, not orangutans who can live off bananas.

According to different sources, it seems like one or two bananas is the okay amount for a dog but if you have one of those very small toy breeds, I’d recommend not to give your dog more than half of a banana.

When it comes to giving your dog bananas, another thing you need to know is that the banana peels would not be good for dogs to eat and that’s why you should always peel the bananas before giving it to your dog.

To sum it up, bananas are good for dogs, but remember that your dog can have two bananas at the most, and that they do not like banana peels.