Can Dogs Eat BeetsProper Feeding of your Pet Dog – Can Dogs Eat Beets?


Caring for your pet dog does not mean that you just have to make it a home and have them stay comfortably, but making sure that their food intake is correct is also included. Nutrition and proper food preparation are some of the requirements to make sure that your pet grows healthy and strong. Different dog breeds require different nutrition mix, but the most common thing they have is that dogs need food that have 70% moisture content for proper organ functions. When they live naturally in the wild, dogs could get these nutrients from the live hunt they could acquire.

Raw human food

Animal food nowadays tends to be much commercialized resulting to some nutrient loss and malnutrition on some pets. These foods, although approved for pet consumption, they do not often give the best nutrients which your pet might need. Processed foods which you can see on most grocery stores may actually contain chemicals harmful to your pet. Human food, cooked or raw, may potentially cause risks to dogs. Many would think – Can dogs eat beets? – Well, of course they could. The problem is that these vegetables are for human consumption and will not provide all the best for your dogs.

Beets and proper nutrition

For your pet dogs, beets can help detoxify their liver and this is good for an easy management of liver ailments of your pet. But it is also increasingly important that your pet dogs should get the nutrients it needs. A mix of raw and nutritious ingredients consisted of meat and protein is good to go for your pet. Keeping the food as raw as possible will help it retain moisture which your dog will need and avoiding addition of human grade food oil can help your dog digest these prepared foods better.