Can Dogs Eat Bone-in Ribs?  Can Dogs Eat Bone Ribs?


One should be very cautious on what kind of food is given to dogs. There are times that giving bone-in ribs to your dog might cause its death if not immediately checked by its veterinarian. Although dogs love to chew on bones, giving your dogs bone-in ribs is not recommended. This traditional way of feeding is too risky for a dog. The FDA has warned that it can really be deadly for dogs because bone-in ribs are unsafe no matter what their sizes are.

Safe bone-in ribs for dogs to chew on are those uncooked ones. This can be both healthy and safe. This eating habit with raw bone ribs is a great exercise for the muscles of the jaw and can create mental stimulation. With regards to the question can dogs eat rib bones, pet owners will want to ensure that when feeding bone-in ribs, they should follow some basic rules.

Basic Tips

  • Always supervise closely when your dog is working with bones. Especially when you notice blood coming out from its mouth. Most probably, it is because of splinter of small sizes of bones that your dog was able to chew on. Dogs can be very aggressive sometimes so it is good to throw away those small sized bones after your dog has torn them into pieces.
  • Since most dogs are quite territorial, if you have many dogs feeding at a time, you need to separate them individually when feeding because they will likely to fight over food.
  • But it is really not recommended to give any bone ribs to your dog as he will more than likely swallow it. Swallowing bones is simply dangerous for your dog.