Can Dogs Eat Brussels SproutsCan Dogs Eat Brussels Sprouts Safely?


Just like people, dogs are omnivores. Meaning they eat fruits, vegetables, and meat. A dog in the wild may have to eat different kinds of food without knowing if it may harm them however a dog raised in a home must have a balanced diet. Therefore they must eat diverse foods that are needed to supply their bodily needs.

Can Vegetables Be a Healthier Option for Dogs?

There are few vegetables that are allowed to be consumed by dogs. But though it is allowed, pet owners are still advised to give them moderate amounts so as to not upset their stomach or trigger other kinds of sickness. Stated below is six of the most recommended vegetables that can be eaten by your dog.

Brocolli and Brussels sprouts – can dogs eat Brussels sprouts? Of course yes. Those vegetables which belong to the cabbage family don’t only contain vitamins but also cancer-fighting phytochemicals as well as anti-aging chemicals essential for a dog’s diet.

Carrots – this vegetable when added to a dog’s daily diet will result to a healthy and protected pet since carrots contain different kinds of vitamins. It is also said that it helps improve one’s eyesight which is a good thing for guard dogs.

Pepper – this vegetable helps decrease chances of eye ailments such as cataracts. Moreover it helps prevent arthritis as dogs’ age.

Green Beans – this could serve a substitute for dog biscuit. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and manganese. It has low calorie count and actually helps boost the digestive system of dogs.

Celery – a very good source of fiber and potassium. This vegetable has the ability to stimulate urine production that allows your dogs to eliminate excess water hence managing to maintain a good set of kidneys and as well as its urinary tract.

Dogs have low tolerance compared to humans. Even after this discussion, it is still needed to keep your pets consumption to a moderate one in order to avoid complications and over dosage.