Dogs Eat CabbageIs Cabbage Safe for My Dog?


Humans love to eat cabbage because of how healthy it is with all the antioxidants as well as the taste.

You might be thinking about your dog and wondering, can dogs eat cabbage? The answer is that cabbage is good for your dogs!
This means that dogs can eat cabbage just fine and there are also some benefits of health from them by doing so. It will help fight against possible cancer, help smooth out their skin, as well as help their digestive track.

Make sure to cook cabbage that you feed to your dog and do not feed them too much!

There are many benefits to the health of your dog by eating cabbage but there is also a downfall which is gas. This usually happens when your doggy eats too much in a single sitting. Also you should know that if the cabbage is raw it will have thiocyanate in it which is not really hazardous to dogs but it cause hypothyroidism if your dog eats a lot of cabbage that has not been cooked. Just know this and make sure you cook it up for your pet to enjoy.

Overall, cabbage is a great food for the health of your dog just make sure the quantity is small and you cook it up well before feeding it to them.