So Can Dogs Eat Cat Food Or Not?


dogs eating cat food

While it may seem like an unlikely or unique problem, it is rather common for households to have both cats and dogs for pets. If the food is left out in bowls on the floor, it is likely that they may investigate that food. Therefore, the question of “can dogs eat cat food?” may wind up in your mind, and it is a very reasonable and smart question to ask for the safety and protection of your pets.

Fortunately, they can consume cat food without much harm. They are actually quite attracted to it, likely due to the higher protein levels that cats need in their diet. While no health problems will occur immediately, it is not completely healthy to feed your dog exclusively cat food. If it were best, companies would rebrand cat food as dog food.

This situation is similar to the health of humans. While it is beneficial to consume protein, it is not healthy to have an exclusively protein diet or close to it. Dogs, like humans, are omnivores, so we must eat protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fiber, and other components of a well-rounded meal plan to get all the necessary nutrients.

Health Problems

There are a few potential concerns that may arise from long term consumption of cat food. These can become quite serious, but they take significant time to develop.

  • Upset stomach, including vomiting and diarrhea
  • Liver and kidney strain or failure

Smaller dogs and those with weaker stomachs will be the ones that have stomach issues, but those that are stronger will not have the beginning signs, and it will remain undetected until more severe problems occur, such as organ failure, and that veterinary bill would not be pretty.

Preventative Measures

How can dogs eat cat food without detection? Well, if you have the bowl sitting on the ground, it is not difficult for them to sneak in some bites every day without you or the cat noticing and attacking. Therefore, it is probably best to not leave the meal on the ground throughout the day. You can either set specific times during the day to lay it down or give exactly enough for the feline to leave no leftovers for the dog to later find. The best choice is one that fits the needs of both the pets and yourself.

In conclusion, it is actually pretty common for pet owners to question “can dogs eat cat food?” While it does not present immediate effects, it is also not overly healthy for the animal either. Potential problems can be stomach issues and organ failure. Unfortunately, the higher protein content is more attractive than their regular food. Therefore, it is smart to better guard the cat’s bowl when the dog is around. Some handy tips are to either put the meal down at specific times and keep watch or give the cat just enough to leave nothing left in the bowl.