Dog Foodie: Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?Can Dogs Eat Cheerios


Cheerios are a product that are classified as a junk food. And a junk food, from its name is lacking in healthy ingredients and contain a lot of artificial ones to prolong its storage life. Just like people, dogs should also have boundaries as to the food they eat. Some snack products have been discovered to cause a great deal of negative effects on pet dogs.

Foods not allowed for Consumption of Dogs

Chocolates – Most dogs have a sweet tooth. They would probably follow you everywhere just to get that piece of chocolate in your hand. However letting them eat chocolate makes their system active which in return results in them acting hyper.

Chips – Can dogs eat Cheerios? Well, since chips are junk food and commonly junk food like Cheerios contain potatoes. For the information of everyone, potatoes are poisonous to dogs.

Pizza and Burgers – Fast food items like pizza and burgers also can’t be served to your dogs. Even though it may seem too delicious, feeding it to them is still a big no. Mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes which are found in pizzas and burger are poisonous to our pet dogs. It can cause them to die.

Fatty Food– Food like ice cream, cakes, crisps, and kebabs have high fat content. Though these foods are delicious it is not advisable for dogs to eat them since fatty foods can upset their stomach.

If it were to be compared, humans and dogs have their differences when it comes to food. Humans can enjoy eating what is supposed to be off-limits to them as long as they keep track of their food and not eat a great deal of it. Same goes with dogs and any other animals. You can let them enjoy food as long as you know how to keep them in moderation.