Can Dogs Eat Cheese? Yes, They Love It!can dogs eat cheese


I live in the dairy state of Wisconsin so I am often wondering if I can give my dog one of my favorite treats.

The answer to this question is both yes and no.

Typically adult dogs are a bit lactose intolerant. Some dogs have also been known to be allergic to dairy products and if they do not, many more have a dairy intolerance. If your dog is not showing any of these symptoms then feel free to give them some cheese. There is nothing really dangerous about feeding your dog cheese you just need to make sure that it will not upset their stomach. Just stick to the rule of giving too much of one thing is bad for your dog and cause diarrhea which is something you do not want to happen. Keeping the minimum amount of cheese your dog gets is your best bet.

Just like a lot of different foods that your dog will gladly eat, cheese is one of them. As explained above, just make sure you are not feeding them a big amount of this delicious stuff and it should be fine.

Cheese As A Dog Treat

So you now know that you can feed your dog cheese but what is the best way to feed them? Well, I like to utilize it for a tasty treat when I am training. If the dog responds well to my commands, then give them a little piece of cheese or apple, both of which work very well.

Also know that you should only feed low fat cheese to your dog because high fat leads to more stomach problems for your pet.