Can Dogs Eat Cheese?


Most dog owners are aware that there are several human foods that dogs can eat, many of which are actually very healthy for your dog.  Canines have a very similar digestive system to ours, which means that they process foods in almost the exact same way….but, of course, they are different, and there are exceptions.  Some things we can eat will be very harmful to a dog, and not all of them are obvious or well known.  So back to the question at hand, can dogs eat cheese?  Well, the short answer is absolutely, and many of them love to eat it.  The real answer, though, is a little more complicated, so read on and we will explore the subject of dogs and cheese!

Can dogs eat cheese? So first off, here’s my disclaimer.  I absolutely love cheese,  and so does Stella (my dog).  I love everything about it, from cheese sticks, to pizza, to mac n cheese.  I think it most certainly makes the world a much happier place.  So I can’t help but be somewhat biased here.  Now that that’s over with, here’s the deal on dogs eating cheese:  Yes they can eat it, but no it isn’t very healthy for them.  Just like with humans, cheese has an abundance of fats and hormones we really don’t need.  So yeah, feed it to them, but give it in moderation.  Cheese will make dogs just as fat as it will make us.  Milk is, after all, designed to raise a baby calf into a full grown cow, which is not the size most of us want our dogs to be.  If you feed your dog cheese, be aware that some may be lactose intolerant, just like humans.  So feeding your dog cheese may cause them to have common lactose intolerance symptoms, from bad farts and diarrhea, to vomiting at the worst.  Most dogs can have milk just fine, but if your dog has a reaction do not fret, the cheese will do no permanent damage to them, but you will probably have a pretty stinky dog for a day or two!

Cottage cheese is by far the most recommended type of cheese to feed your dog.  It is very low fat (for cheese), and very mild on a dogs stomach.  I know my dog LOVES it when she gets a cheese treat!  Just be sure to give it in moderation, as cheese is very high in fat, so if you feed them too much you will very quickly develop an obese dog.  As far as cheese with meals, or as a dietary supplement,  it is not a very good idea.  There are many other foods that are much more valuable in a dog’s diet, that will provide the same calcium and proteins that cheese does.

So the next time your puppy wants a piece of your pizza, and you are asking yourself, can dogs eat cheese ?  Don’t feel guilty about giving them some, they will love you all the more for a wonderful gooey chewy treat!