Curious Dog Care: Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?Can Dogs Eat Cheetos


Cheetos are like everyone’s favorite junk food indulgence. Even though we know it is generally not good for our health, we still continue to eat them anyway because they are just simply is delicious and even fun to eat it. The trick that we do here is to not consume Cheetos in large amounts. So, if we just limit our intake of Cheetos and that would be fine and would allow us to survive for the next century or so.

So, we think: can dogs eat Cheetos as well? Well, we’ve done it and we have tried it. If we would have done the same thing with the same strategy for our dogs: just allow them to be fed with fewer amounts of it and perhaps, that will not be harmful for our dogs. Will it?

Contrary to common belief, the stomachs of dogs are significantly more sensitive than our own. We can usually drink beer, eat ice cream and sweets based on our own capacity, but that does not apply for dogs.

No to Cheetos For Our Dogs:

The following are the reasons why we cannot feed our dogs with Cheetos. They contains bad ingredients.

Just like any other typical junk food, Cheetos contain high amounts of sodium. Sodium is very poisonous to dogs. If you attempt to feed them once and they wag their tail, that doesn’t mean their body likes it.

It is junk food

Just like the fact that we should not eat Cheetos, our dogs should be all the more deterred from consuming them. There is not a single ounce of healthy ingredient in Cheetos. It would only cause dog obesity. Thus it is better to never feed them one.