Can Dogs Eat ChickenCan dogs eat chicken? Safe and Healthy Food for Dogs


Naturally, all human beings eat chicken. For some reason, sometimes people love to share their own food with their pets. Can dogs eat chicken? This topic is one of the most controversial issues these days since most of the people love to feed their dogs chicken. Basically, dogs can eat chicken. You should know that it is just okay for large breeds to eat chicken but smaller breeds, such as the pug, cannot eat chicken. Generally, according to some vets, it is okay for dogs to eat chicken but if you are going to feed your dog it, you should control the quantity so that your dog will not suffer from becoming overweight. You should know that overweight dogs tend to have less energy and they live less than average dogs. Another issue is the allergic reactions that dogs can experience from chicken.

Just a few rules

If you are going to feed your dog chicken, you should leave out the bones. As you can see, the bones of the chickens may splinter and may cause some damage to your dog’s digestive system, especially in the stomach and esophagus area. All you need to do is to tear off the flesh of the chicken from the bone side and discard them.

Cooked chicken

Cooked chicken is better than raw. Actually, if the chicken is raw, it may contain some harmful bacteria in it that may pose threat to the health of your dog. Cooking the chicken is a sure way of eliminating all of the bad bacteria in it. Your dog will surely love the taste of the cooked chicken than the raw ones. In addition to that, eating or chewing cooked meat is easier as well as better than eating uncooked or raw meat of chicken.