Raw Food for Dogs – Can Dogs Eat Clementines?can dogs eat clementines


Feeding your dogs can be fun to witness and satisfying as you know you are benefiting your best friend. If you see your pet happy and contented with what it is eating, then you could say that you are just being a good pet owner. However, it is not just enough to just let the dog eat whatever you prepare. There is always a standard for good and balanced nutrition which you should provide to your dog. A balanced diet will help your dog become stronger and be able to resist sickness and lethargy.

Snacks and treats

Many parents often see their kids giving treats and snacks to their dogs. More often than not, these treats are some of the raw human food which some dogs might not be able to digest and one example of this is a fruit. There are fruits which are very good for dogs and provide them with the essential minerals and nutrients to support their body. Bananas and apples are some of the fruits which are good for a dog. Children often give out treats to dogs at play and it is just normal that there might be fruits and treats other than apples and bananas which your dog can eat. If you might wonder, “Can dogs eat clementines?” – it is time for you to find out.


These are small oranges which often resembles limes with orange colors. Dogs love to eat clementines and often times peel them first before indulging in their insides. It is possible for dogs to eat them and in fact, it is also possible for them to have a whole clementine once a day. However, dog’s stomachs contain too much acid and if your pet dog eats too many clementines, they would experience stomach problems. Minimize its consumption to avoid an upset stomach for your dog.