Can Dogs Eat Corn Flakes? – Do’s and Don’ts When Feeding DogsCorn Flakes.img_assist_custom


Corn flakes are a good breakfast option and a lot of people like to eat corn flakes combined with milk. The vitamins found in both corn flakes and milk are sufficient enough to get you ready for the day and keep you full until lunch. If you are having your daily breakfast of corn flakes partnered with milk and you see your pet dog begging you for a few pieces of flakes, you might be asking yourself “can dogs eat corn flakes”?

The answer is yes, it is okay for you to feed your dog corn flakes, but before giving them some of those flakes, you might need to check for a few things first in order for your dog not to get sick and cost you a lot of money on vet bills.


There are a lot of dogs who are allergic to corn and since corn flakes are made of corn, you might want to check first if your dog is allergic. You can try feeding your dog one corn flake and if you see any symptoms of allergies, you might want to stop feeding them food that contains corn.


Corn flakes contain a lot of carbohydrates and usually have no protein content. Protein is very important for your dog and giving your dog too many corn flakes might cause weight gain. Make sure to give your dog just a few flakes and do not give too much.
Do not feed your dog corn flakes with milk

Most dogs are lactose intolerant and if you see your dog is one of them, then it might not be a good idea to feed your dog corn flakes with milk. Also, a lot of dogs cannot digest milk so feeding them corn flakes with milk might cause indigestion and vomiting.