deviled-dog-eggs1Can Dogs Eat Eggs? – Benefits and Side Effects


Eggs are enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins B2, B12, A and E all of which play an important role in keeping your body healthier. Eggs can be enjoyed by themselves or you can mix them up with other kinds of food as well. If you like eating eggs and you have a dog with you, you might be wondering “can dogs eat eggs”?

Since a dog’s metabolism is different from humans, there are certain foods that you need to avoid feeding your dog so that he or she will not get any diseases or conditions. Eggs are one of the foods that humans like to eat and also can be very good to feed your dogs as well. Eggs can be fed to your dog on a daily basis as long as you do not feed them too much.

Cook the eggs before giving them to your dog

Some people with dogs might tell you that it is okay for you to feed your dog raw eggs. Raw eggs and any other raw food pose a lot of risks when eaten because they might contain bacteria. Before feeding your dog some eggs, make sure to cook the eggs first before giving them to your pet to make sure that you avoid any diseases or conditions. Eggs can be cooked in several ways, you can boil eggs, cook them fried, or scramble them.

Side effects of eating eggs for dogs

There are some side effects that your dogs can get from eating eggs and these are weight gain and flatulence. While these side effects are not that severe, you might want to remember these side effects to make sure that you avoid any misunderstanding.