Can dogs eat eggs?Can Dogs Eat Eggs?


Animals have a tradition of eating eggs straight from the nest that goes just about as far back as animals themselves.  But what about modern day eggs, the ones you get in a grocery store?  They aren’t exactly the same thing as getting them out in the wild.  Most specifically, what about chicken eggs, which are sold in just about every supermarket in the world.  We worry about our pets health just like our own, and although they have a similar digestive system, it is not entirely the same.  So, can dogs eat eggs?

Eggs are considered one of nature’s “perfect foods”.  They are generally very nutritious in all forms, to all animals.  Dogs can see huge benefits from eating eggs, and it is a very good idea to supplement their diet with eggs.  Even eggshells are an excellent source of protein.  Crushing eggshells and sprinkling it into your dog’s food has shown to promote strong bones and teeth in all dog breeds.  If you are concerned about salmonella poisoning, just boil the shells and then allow them to dry.  The egg yolk itself is an excellent source of protein, it will help build your dog’s muscles, promote good health of their coat, and repair damaged tissues.  The best form of egg to eat for a dog is a hard-boiled egg, which is a straightforward way of giving a treat to your dog that is easily edible and easily cookable.  A dog will never choke on a hardboiled egg, and a cut up egg can make a great training treat!  There is no need for any preparation of the egg, a dog (like humans), can digest a raw egg; just be wary of salmonella.  Any egg can be given as is, but a cooked egg can be diced up and used as multiple treats, as eggs stay good for a good two weeks after cooked if refrigerated, and 3-5 days unrefrigerated.

If you have worries about your dog’s ability to take a whole egg, you can just crack it on a counter top, your dog will be able to eat the entire egg with no issues.  This is actually really awesome because you do not actually have to do any prep work to give your dog a treat.  Want to play catch with reward?  Throw an egg,  your dog will thank you when they come back!  An egg is actually a very unique training tool for dogs if you hard boil it, try to teach them to bring it back without eating it!