Can dogs eat Fig Newtons you ask?


If you love Fig Newtons like I do, you may be wondering if your dogs can eat them too.

Well, they really should NOT eat Fig Newtons at all. They are not exactly toxic for them, but the amount of sugar contained within these treats is not good for dogs. Dogs should not be fed high amounts of sugar ever.

Make sure to not give your dog anything that has a high amount of sugar in it. If you do, this can make your dog very hyper and I think you know that that means. Also, if you regularly give your pet foods that have a lot of sugar, they could end up getting diabetes.

If you stumbled across this site because your dog ate a Fig Newton and you do not know what to do, there is no need for worrying. Fig Newtons are not toxic for dogs and a couple of them will not cause any real problems. To make sure this does not happen again, keep your treats away from your dog so they can not get at them.

To conclude, Fig Newtons are okay for your dog as they are not toxic, but you should not let them eat these treats because of the high sugar content!