Can Dogs Eat Human Treats?Can Dogs Eat Figs


A very long time ago, the concept of pets was inconceivable for humans. Through time, however, we found affinity for these animals and took them into our hearts, giving them food, shelter, and love. Even further through time, people brought those animals into deeper domestication. Cats, dogs, white mice, hamsters, turtles, fish, birds and frogs have been taken as pets (and these are just common pets, there are exotic kinds, too).

We feel so close to our pets that we think of them as family and eventually, in this line of thinking, we even feed them the food on our table. A very loving gesture, but can also be a grave and deadly mistake, dear pet owner.

What to Avoid

That big box of chocolate your new suitor just sent you along with a puppy is just about the sweetest and cutest combination you can think of, so what is the harm of letting these two go together? Feed the puppy some chocolate, why not? A big no! Chocolate contains bromine which can make the dog’s heartbeat go faster and if matched with exercise, it has been known to be fatal!

What Is Safe

But do not shed hope. There are plenty of treats you and your pet can share. Bananas, for example, are a tasty one and a good source of potassium. What about coconuts, aloe vera, or peanuts? Can dogs eat figs? Yes, it is safe in moderate amounts. But as a good pet owner, you should not let your dog binge on them or you’d have to deal with an irritated stomach.