Can Dogs Eat fish? – Is It Dangerous?Can Dogs Eat fish?


Fish is a food that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals that you can get from eating fish and this is why a lot of people enjoy eating this food from the seas. Fish can be enjoyed in different forms and can be either cooked evenly and there are also people who like to eat raw fish. If you share your house with your dog and you are an avid eater of fish, you might be asking yourself “can dogs eat fish?”

The answer is yes, dogs can eat fish, but there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to serving your dog fish for his or her dinner. Here are some:

Do Not Feed Your Dog Raw Fish

As much as you like to eat sushi, sashimi and other Japanese foods that are being served with raw fish, it is not a good idea to let your dog eat raw fish. Raw fish might contain bacteria that can be harmful to your dog in so many ways. Salmon is perhaps one of the most dangerous fish to be eaten raw and you should cook the fish that you are going to feed to your dog evenly so that you can avoid your dog catching any bacteria that might cause you a lot of money of vet bills.

Fish with Bones

Feed your dog fish fillets and not fish that still have some bones. Your dog might choke on the bones of the fish if eaten and might cause your furry companion to vomit the food that he or she just ate. Make sure to debone the fish in order to make sure that your dog does not consume any bone that he or she can choke on.