Can Dogs Eat Graham CrackersCan Dogs Eat Graham Crackers The Same Way Humans Do?


If you like mango floats and other dessert using this ingredient, you would then be all too familiar on what a Graham Cracker looks like. Actually, it is like any of your ordinary crackers – only it is sweeter and has a brown color. A lot of kids are in love with Graham crackers and so they cannot help but feed them to their dogs. If you are a parent and at the same time, a dog lover, you may think that it is not something that you really have to worry about. Your kids have been eating them and you imagine that there is no harm that they can possibly cause your dogs.

However, dogs do have a different food diet and necessity from that of humans. So, before we can get the answer to this. Let us dissect, first, the composition of Graham Crackers. Graham crackers contain carbohydrates and some hint of cinnamon too. If you think dogs are allergic to either of these, the answer is, no. In fact, it is perfectly safe for dogs to eat and digest Graham Crackers.

Is it a YES then?

But don’t be too sure on this though. Can dogs eat Graham crackers? It is a yes actually. Though, when allowing your dog to eat Graham Crackers you should implement a strict limit on how many your dog can eat. See, since it is loaded with carbohydrates, it is very likely that it will lead to obesity in dogs. Since dogs are naturally physical in nature, you don’t want to have an obese dog. So make an effort to run or walk with your dog daily.

Therefore, yes it is safe for your dogs to eat Graham crackers – but never overdo it. It is always best for your dogs to enjoy a healthy diet.