Can Dogs Eat GranolaCan My Dog Eat Granola?


Eating granola is extremely common for humans. At times our dogs beg and attempt to get our attention just to have some. But as much as you want to throw your dog a piece of it, you have to think of the fact that not all the foods you eat are safe for them too. Humans and dogs differ in the manner of breaking up foods which means your pet might endure stomach ache or vomiting from the foods you have given them.

Choose the Right Ingredients for Your Granola

Definitely, granola is a perfect for breakfast. Match granola up with other ingredients like nuts, honey, peanuts or whatever stuff you want. For sure you also have thought of this question, “Can dogs eat granola?” The answer would be yes, yet it is important for you to know that not all the ingredients are safe for your dogs. Raisins, chocolates, and nuts can be somewhat deadly for your pets especially when in large amount. If you can make a granola your own way, you can also include ingredients that are safe for your dogs. Try surfing the internet to discover what could be put in your granola that won’t cause harm to your dogs. If prepared correctly, you and your pet will surely enjoy eating granola together. You also have to monitor its sugar content knowing that too much of it can also be dangerous for your dogs. It seems that there are a lot of limitations for your dogs therefore it would be better if you only let your pet eat those foods that they usually eat rather than letting them try new ones.