Can Dogs Eat Ham?

Can Dogs Eat Ham?

It is very easy to assume that what is safe for humans can also be safe for pets, right? Why not? Those animals’ stomachs are sturdier than ours, of course, they can take people food, right? And while this can be very well true to most of what we eat, it is wrong to assume it is true for all.

This may be a little hard to believe but, yes, some of our favorites and staples can be very harmful to your pets. Do you know that chocolate is deadly for your dog? It contains a chemical that speeds up their heart rate and considering that you take that dog on regular walks in the park and play fetch, that higher pumping speed rate can prove to be fatal.

So, you ask, what else can my dog eat and not eat? Can dogs eat ham?

Holidays bring a bounty of food one could not consume in one sitting. There’s bound to be left-overs and ham is a common one at that. When you are helping yourself to a post-holiday sandwich and your dog sits beside you whining and asking for a strip, do you indulge the little thing or not? Go on. A little ham would not hurt your pet at all however, do not overindulge him. Binge-ing upsets the stomach of any animal – man or dog alike.

Other safe food for dogs are carrots, cooked shrimps, celery, cucumber, and lemons amongst others.

Safety First

As much as you would like to be the perfect pet owner in the world, there is still a chance that you can feed your dog something it should not eat. In which case, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately. Perfect is impossible anyway, so why not settle for being the best pet owner there is?