Is It Okay To Share Hummus with Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

Throughout the ages, and throughout almost all of human history, man has had a companion unlike any other. Dogs will always be man’s best friend. We like to share everything with them. We like talking long walks with them to relax as well as jog with them for exercise. Some people even talk to them just like humans and share even their deepest secrets. They are part of the family and are part of what the family does. One particularly important concern about them is whether it’s okay to share some things with them. Humans love chocolate but we can’t share them with dogs because it would be harmful.

Humans also like hummus but can dogs eat hummus? The quick answer is no. Hummus is usually made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Although the main ingredient, chickpeas, are okay to be eaten by dogs and could even give them nutritional value, the other ingredients it contains are potentially harmful to dogs. Most people know onions are toxic for dogs. Lemon juice which contains citric acid is also not good for dogs and can be potentially harmful.

What to Do if Your Dog Really Likes It?

In conclusion, hummus is delicious for us humans but is a big no-no for dogs. But there is still a way for us to share “hummus” with them if they have developed a liking. As said earlier, chickpeas are not harmful and quite beneficial for dogs. So if you’re planning on making hummus for yourself at home, set aside some mashed chickpeas for your dog before you add other ingredients. So while you sit back and dip your chip in your delicious hummus, you can also dip doggy treats in the mashed chickpeas, or maybe you can just have your dog lick his bowl clean of mashed chickpeas.